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Strengthening the Health of Your Business

We are all looking for the one thing that will make our business great. Whether it is watching webinar after webinar or finding that one widget/gizmo that will revolutionize how we do business. Have you felt that making your business secure is a goal that you never seem to reach? Good!

Why do I say that?

Because your business is as much an extension of your personality and life as anything else, this may be the case in more ways than not. Since it is a true statement that you will invest time in what you want the most. For the most successful in business, there is never an end when it comes to creating strength, whether it is in the gym or behind the desk. Having this mindset and approaching your business with this kind of perspective will benefit your short and long term business goals more than the next great webinar or master class will! One Major Defining Trait of a Healthy Business

Everyone has his or her opinion on what the defining trait of a successful business looks like. While there are good and bad views, one thing that is impossible to deny when it comes to benefiting a business is networking (and no, I’m not talking about computers here). One thing that seems to be a defining trait of humanity is our tendency to think we are the only ones who have ever struggled! Nothing is new under the sun; where you are is where others have been (and many who are there right now as well). The tendency to isolate ourselves from the wisdom of those who have blazed their own trails in business is wrapped up in fear of rejection (something we all experience). We are afraid to be seen as in need or that we are struggling to save face with our peers when many of those same colleagues need our wisdom just as much as we need theirs!

Having a fresh perspective, especially one that is not afraid to pull punches when need be (and which must be accepted as a help rather than negativity), is an asset that is worth more than anyone makes in a month. Some of the most successful people in the world have others to thank for their honesty and perspective, which is one of (if not THE) most important reason why they are where they are now! However, many of us continue to trudge forward with an insanity that we can figure it out, and then wonder why years down the road we see others doing the same thing with more success and seeming strength! Could it be that you see the results of more than just their own strength? Reach out to others in your field, draw on their strength and wisdom, and give back in any and every way you can. Strength in numbers is real in every way, including and most certainly having a robust and healthy business.

Seek Balance Rather than Immediate Gain

Do you think that making more money will make everything easier, and that your business will be stronger with a larger bank account? Those things are true to a degree, but only in so far as you seek to be balanced. A kung fu master is only as good as his ability to maintain his footing; so it is with any business. Look for ways to grow across rather than simply outward. A great many businesses fail in the first two years because they don’t have a strategy to scale up over time and end up lost in a mess that seemed at first to be a bright future. Come up with a plan and stick to it no matter what!